NP in review




Thank you for joining us for our last entry of the Noticing Project. In the collections above we have put together some of our personal favorites for each month. As we look back, we still remember the very moment and day the Noticing Project began, and it seems like merely a few moments have passed since!

Thank you for your visits and comments here, and please know they mean so much. Thank you too for allowing us to share these snippets of our days with you over the past two years. We have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege.

We will continue to view our days a little differently because of this project, and we hope you are noticing the small joys and beauty around you each day as well.

Alicia & Heather


21 Responses to “NP in review”

  1. kyrie Says:

    I’m sad to say goodbye. Will you be selling prints of these? Please do consider it.

    xo, K

  2. emily Says:

    i remember the start of the project like it was yesterday – the reflections of the trees – how is it that it’s been 2 years since then. this has been a beautiful part of my days, visiting here. thank you, friends, for sharing your noticings with us. xo.

  3. Brian Says:

    it’s been a pleasure to check in with you here – congratulations on the completion of a wonderful project.

  4. Lecia Says:

    This has been such a beautiful project – thank you!

  5. Tara Thayer Says:

    i’ve loved visiting here; seeing your views of the world, and inspiring me in my own. best wishes, you two. i look forward to seeing what you do next. xo tara

  6. Lee Says:

    I am thinking of this project as I embark on a new 365 project. Noticing is what it’s all about!

  7. marthasnail Says:

    a beautiful review. i’ll miss this project. thank you for sharing with us!

  8. shanna Says:

    sad to see it go. such an inspiring, quiet space. thanks, ladies for sharing this beautiful project.

  9. Pebbledash Says:

    This has been such an inspiration. Thank you.

  10. I love seeing them all together like this. you should totally make a blurb book of Noticing. I would be your first customer. :) I’ll miss seeing these daily pairings so much. xo

  11. sonrie Says:

    This is one of my daily favorites. I will miss your photo pairings. :)

  12. hrsmithjones Says:

    Thank you so so much everyone!

  13. erin Says:

    wow. it does seem like yesterday when it started. i, too, will miss your pairings. your photos have touched me in many ways – thank you.

  14. Victoria Says:

    I found you in 2009. Oh, how I wished I had known about you in ’08.
    But then, it might be so much more difficult to see the end. For, I am really going to miss this daily blog.

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and inspiration.

  15. momawake Says:

    I know you have helped us to see the mundane differently as well as noticing things we’ve never thought about before. Thanks.

  16. jeanamarie Says:

    oh wonderful! sad to say goodbye, but what a wonderful project it was :)

  17. molly Says:

    so beautiful seeing this review. such a lovely project, both of you. it truly did change my perspective of the every day, too, as i found myself seeing something differently, or noticing something i hadn’t seen before.
    congratulations on a wonderful idea and a beautiful two years.

  18. cindy Says:

    i so enjoyed this series and will miss it. thanks to you both for sharing your world with us.

  19. Alicia A. Says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, everyone!

  20. raymora Says:

    Sad to see you go! I am so glad I found you along my way! You have given me the gift of pondering and wondering. you have touch my life in a profound and amazingly beautiful way thank you!

  21. Leslie Says:

    Such a lovely collaboration! You both have such a keen eye for beauty. Thank you for sharing the view through your lenses.

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